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“tO cOoK a DiViNg DuCk, MaRinAtE iT oN a CuTtInG bOaRd ...


“tO cOoK a DiViNg DuCk, MaRinAtE iT oN a CuTtInG bOaRd, ThRoW tHe DuCk aWaY, aNd eAt ThE BoArD.” (i.redd.it). submitted 6 months ago ...

Cats in chinese food - Google Groups


Aug 23, 1991 ... >nail it to a board and cure in the sun for another week, >strip the resulting mass from the board. Then eat the board. LUTEFISK! SHEESH!

Life Lessons: Don't Stop Halfway Down A Waterslide - Geekologie


Jul 31, 2017 ... ... a board, marinade it for 24 hours, salt it, bake it for 4 hours and when it's done cooking you throw away the opossum and then eat the board.

PETA ruins New Year celebration for small town in North Carolina


Dec 30, 2014 ... Baste every 15 minutes. To determine when done, pull leg away from body. When done, throw away the possum and taters and eat the board.

Patent US3763826 - Automatic pet food dispenser - Google Patents


... fines which the pet ordinarily would not eat. The board, sides and base can be fabricated of any durable, cleanable material, preferable sheet metal or the like.

Two massive groundhogs bagged with a Tikka T3 in .223. (Spray ...


After that hour is up, pull the nails and take the groundhog off the board, throw the groundhog away, and eat the board. Makes the best tasting ...

[Homemade] Chocolate chess cake : food


Cooking, restaurants, recipes, food network, foodies, talk about it here!.

People of Reddit, if you were trapped inside a board game, which ...


Jun 9, 2019 ... Monopoly - because I'm always the banker and, as per the rules, "the bank never runs out of money. If required, the banker can print money on ...

Tips and tricks that apply to every board game : boardgames


Don't eat the board (or the pieces). Some boardgames are so colourful they look like food, BUT DON'T BE FOOLED! Most games are not edible ...

TIFU by being greedy and wanting more lasagna : tifu


Aug 12, 2018 ... ... the cutting board, carried it to my desk and sat down to eat. The board was a bit too big for my desk, and the end was standing over the edge.

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