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Alsunna.org - Promoting pure teachings of Islam as asserted by the Imams of the four schools of Ahlus-Sunnah Wal Jama^ah. We aim to show the truth and ...

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فائدة: قال الله تعالى: ليس كمثله شىء وهو السميع البصير، أهل السنة يثبتون الصفات بلا تشبيه ولا تكييف ولا تجسيم، صفاته أزلية أبدية لا يشبه الخلق بوجه من ...

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Updates on alsunna.org front page. November. Ramadan the month of giving. September. Move to new server. September. New Islamic Videos Gallery. August.

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The Basics of the Muslim's Prayer. Go To Top. Introduction. The five prayers are among the best acts of worship that the Muslim performs. Performing them is the  ...

Who are the Extremist Wahhabis and ISIS?


http://alsunna.org/The-Radical-ideas-of-Wahhabis-towards-Muslims.html · http:// alsunna.org/Quoting-blasphemous-beliefs-of-Wahhabis-about-Allah-God.html

A Muslim brother from Bulgaria: I appreciate your work and read ...


Since I use the Internet I read a lot about Islam and I find our beliefs here in Bulgaria are the same as the team of alsunna.org, alhamdulillah. Unfortunately, here ...

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Alsunna.org. 17K likes. Daily motivational advices & Islamic quotes, follow & share for reward. نصائح وأقوال مشوقة يومية. شاركنا بالثواب، قال ﷺ الدال...

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An authentic and trustworthy source of Islamic info.I highly recommend it. Jazaakumullaahu khayraa. Alsunna.org. Religious Organization. Alsunna.org's photo.

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alsunna.org/kids.htm :: Learn Arabic, Write Arabic Programs, kids تعلم، اكتب، اقرأ، أطفال، قصص إسلامية، حكايات عربية.

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Knowledge is the key to Islamic Awareness! علم وعمل واعتدال وتمسك بالمذاهب الأربعة This world has to have a CREATOR. That creator is God (Allah). Can there b...

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